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by Jonny Rickard

February 7, 2024

How-to - Add htpasswd authentication to hosted controlplane clusters

patterns how-to

by Jonny Rickard

February 2, 2024

Intel extended Validated Patterns to use hardware accelerators for AI workloads

patterns announce

by Martin Jackson

January 26, 2024

Validated Patterns now supports alternatives to both HashiCorp Vault and the External Secrets Operator

patterns secrets

by Lester Claudio

January 16, 2024

Partnership between the Validated Patterns team and Cisco Compute Solutions Technical Marketing team on how to deploy MultiCloud GitOps with FlashStack and Portworx Enterprise.


by Michele Baldessari

December 20, 2023

Initial support for private repositories

patterns announce

by Lester Claudio

December 15, 2023

Validate Patterns framework support for labels, annotations and operator groups when creating namespaces for OpenShift.