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Deploying Multicloud GitOps with Cisco FlashStack Data Center and Portworx Enterprise

by Lester Claudio
January 16, 2024

Deploying Multicloud GitOps with Cisco FlashStack Data Center and Portworx Enterprise

The Validated Patterns team, in partnership with Cisco Compute Solutions Technical Marketing team led by Paniraj Koppa, has delivered a white paper detailing how to deploy the MultiCloud GitOps Validated Pattern with the Cisco FlashStack Data Center platform. This platform integrates Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS), Cisco Networking, Pure Storage FlashArray and Portworx Enterprise Kubernetes Storage Platform with Red Hat® OpenShift®. Cisco’s distinction as the first OEM partner to validate the Multicloud GitOps Validated Pattern on-premises, utilizing their leading-edge Cisco hardware, reinforces the depth of their partnership and collaborative efforts with Red Hat.

In the dynamic realm of enterprise IT, the demand for seamless application deployment across diverse cloud environments has reached a critical point. Enter Cisco’s groundbreaking solution—a fusion of Multicloud GitOps validated patterns and the robust FlashStack Data Center infrastructure. The FlashStack for Hybrid Multicloud GitOps White Paper, published by Cisco, offers a comprehensive guide that unveils the architectural nuances, best practices, and a deep dive into the technologies driving this innovative deployment framework.

At the core of this solution lies Cisco’s FlashStack Data Center, a robust and scalable infrastructure designed to support diverse workload requirements. The hardware and software components employed in Cisco’s internal labs validate the efficacy of this solution, ensuring a reliable and efficient deployment framework.

In this white paper, Cisco outlines the hardware and software components and how they provide value for cloud-native workloads delivered across a hybrid cloud environment. The Cisco FlashStack solution provides an outstanding unified system to deliver robust, business critical applications. Red Hat’s Multicloud GitOps Validated Pattern delivers a codified GitOps framework for deploying and configuring distributed software architectures in a predictable, repeatable, and extensible manner. By combining a ready-built system infrastructure with a validated deployment solution for Red Hat OpenShift, Portworx Enterprise, and other core software components, organizations can accelerate the time to value for a modern application development and deployment platform. Notably, the flexibility of this solution extends beyond the unified hardware infrastructure and incorporates a complete cloud-native application development and deployment platform with key management, security, registry, and cluster data management services.

The deployment of Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform serves as a cornerstone of this solution. The Multicloud GitOps Validated Pattern seamlessly deploys additional solution components, such as Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management, Red Hat OpenShift GitOps, and Portworx Enterprise providing a complete platform. Leveraging the robustness of Cisco UCS server platforms, organizations can manage and orchestrate containerized applications on-premises and across multi cloud environments. The versatility of Red Hat OpenShift, coupled with the reliability of Cisco UCS servers, forms a powerful synergy driving efficiency and performance.

Not only does the Cisco white paper provide an architectural blueprint; it also addresses critical considerations and best practices imperative for a successful deployment. From architectural nuances to operational best practices, enterprises gain insights into optimizing their infrastructure for Multicloud GitOps, ensuring a smooth and efficient deployment experience.

This adaptability allows organizations to tailor their infrastructure configurations based on specific performance or scalability requirements.

The Multicloud GitOps Validated Pattern deployment guidance provided in the Cisco white paper, coupled with the robustness of Cisco FlashStack Data Center, forms a compelling solution for organizations seeking to streamline deployment and configuration of a cloud native application development and deployment platform. The integration of Red Hat OpenShift on Cisco UCS servers presents a flexible and efficient architecture for modern, agile businesses. The synergy of these technologies within the Multicloud Gitops Validated Pattern, supported by FlashStack Data Center infrastructure, heralds a new era of agile, scalable, and efficient application deployments for organizations adopting modern application practices.

For more detailed information please refer to the FlashStack for Hybrid Multicloud GitOps White Paper published by Cisco, and learn more about the MultiCloud GitOps pattern as well as other popular Validated Patterns at