Validated Patterns

Testing artefacts

To be represented in the CI dashboard, testers can create a publicly available JSON file (for example, in an AWS bucket) that records the result of the latest test for each combination of pattern, platform, and Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform version.

File naming convention

{pattern}-{platform}-{openshift version}-stable-badge.json

Example: medicaldiag-nutanix-4.13-stable-badge.json

Note: OpenShift version should be major.minor only

File template


    /* For now we assume `message` is the same as patternBranch */

    /* passed => green, test failed => red, test setup failed => yellow */
    "color":"{test result color}",

    /* eg. x.y.z */
    "openshiftVersion":"{full openshift version}",

    /* eg. AWS, GCP, Nutanix, ... */

    /* Official repo of the pattern, eg. */
    "patternRepo": "{text}",

    /* eg. main, stable-N.M */
    "patternBranch": "{text}",


    /* Who ran the test eg. Red Hat */
    "testSource": "{company name}",

    /* eg. Job number */
    "testID": "{unique id}",

    /* if publically available */
    "jenkinsURL":"{path to job}",

    "debugInfo":"{location of must-gather tarball}",
Example testing artifact file
    "label":"MCG on Nutanix",
    "patternRepo": "",
    "patternBranch": "main",
    "testSource": "Red Hat"
    "testID": "13602",