Validated Patterns

Having a factory (edge) cluster join the datacenter (hub)

Allow ACM to deploy the factory application to a subset of clusters

By default the factory applications are deployed on all clusters that ACM knows about.

  - name: factory
      - key: vendor
        operator: In
          - OpenShift

This is useful for cost-effective demos, but is hardly realistic.

To deploy the factory applications only on managed clusters with the label site=factory, change the site definition in values-datacenter.yaml to:

  - name: factory
        site: factory

Remember to commit the changes and push to GitHub so that GitOps can see your changes and apply them.

Deploy a factory cluster

For instructions on how to prepare and import a factory cluster please read the section importing a cluster. Use clusterGroup=factory.

You’re done

That’s it! Go to your factory (edge) OpenShift console and check for the open-cluster-management-agent pod being launched. Be patient, it will take a while for the ACM agent and agent-addons to launch. After that, the operator OpenShift GitOps will run. When it’s finished coming up launch the OpenShift GitOps (ArgoCD) console from the top right of the OpenShift console.

Next up

Work your way through the Industrial Edge 2.0 GitOps/DevOps demos